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Aqua-PhyD Water
Treatment System
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Aqua-PhyD, Inc.
17155 Von Karman
Suite 112
Irvine, CA 92614

949-476-2782 or


Office email:
Making Water More Efficient

Aqua-PhyD is a non-chemical water and soil treatment technology and service. Aqua-PhyD treated water will reduce soil compaction and create optimum growing conditions for plants and turf.

Save Water

The Aqua-PhyD technology works with all water sources including brackish and reclaimed water. The technology is noted for creating conservation and sustainability in a number of other applications including golf, sports and recreation fields, greenbelts, agriculture, and industrial applications.

Aqua-PhyD has a growing list of respected customers who recommend Aqua-PhyD to their companies and peers.


 Aqua-PhyD is honored to have received the Top 50 Water Company Award from the Artemis Project, and the Top 10 New Products Award from the World Ag Expo for 2009


Aqua-PhyD is

distributed by

The Oakwoode Group is the sole agent, exclusively representing Aqua-PhyD products in Egypt.

Contact the Oakwoode Group at: 

Telephone: (+202) 2928 4345

Fax: (+202) 2928 4393


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